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M-H Design & Markham Creative have officially joined forces under the new name Brandparents. We are excited to continue the journey we're on with our existing clients while also adding new brands to our growing family. Reach out any time, we'd love to talk to you more about how we can help bring your brand to life!


mai-lis tria

Mai-Lis believes that to find true happiness in life, it is important to do what you love, and for her, design is what she loves. Brandparents was founded on her two passions in life – great food and design. She has been known to spend hours in the supermarket scouring the shelves for delicious food and beautifully designed packages. Her creative eye and intuitive insight have enabled her to create many lasting partnerships with incredible brands.

She studied graphic design at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth and lives in Nahant, Massachusetts with her husband, two children and Boston Terrier. When she's not designing (or eating), you’ll find her cooking, at the beach or chasing around her twin boys (maybe all at the same time).

Mai-Lis Tria

Mary Grace Markham is a graphic designer known for invigorating brands with creative, beautiful design solutions. From typography to photography, packaging to social media, print to digital design, she illustrates, ideates, and imaginates, guiding design projects from conception through production with a passion for attention to detail and aesthetic perfection.

She studied design at Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec, and lives in Dunstable, MA with her partner and four children. She travels as often as possible, and writes and performs music with her cello and guitar.

mg markham
Mary Grace
Bio-Matthew copy.jpg

Matthew is a designer living in Brooklyn who splits his time between graphic design focusing on brand identity and working as a floral designer for Putnam & Putnam. Matthew’s career has included working in brand design for corporate Gap in New York after graduating from the Savannah College of Art and Design. Matthew has previously designed restaurant brand identities, including restaurant interiors and has also worked for fine art museums and galleries across the country, most recently for Ballroom Marfa and ICA Boston.


His origins of design began with studying advertising and photography in Savannah Georgia while running a small gallery with his friends. Whether it be creating sculptural floral designs, or brand identities for clients, he enjoys world creating and designing in any and every capacity. Matthew loves styling every object he comes into contact with at work or in the checkout line at the supermarket. During his free time you can usually catch him searching for inspiration at one of his many favorite museums in New York City. 

matthew radwan
eden reiner

Eden is a slightly obsessed photographer. She sees potential photoshoots everywhere, and loves to collect props for shoots. For 5 years she ran her own portrait photography business. When the pandemic hit, she decided to turn back to her roots- product and food photography. She got her start photographing food and products over 15 years ago in San Francisco, after attending photography school in Missoula, Montana. 


Eden has a degree in English from University of Vermont, and a Master of Fine Arts in printmaking from UMass Dartmouth. She learned design on the job.


When she is not photographing, designing, or writing stories in her head, you will probably find her outside. She is an ocean lover and surfer. She enjoys running, and hiking, camping, and travelling with her husband and daughter. She also loves to bake, and appreciates a good meal on her deck by the ocean in Nahant, MA.


Cocoa is the Brandparents CSO (Chief Snuggle Officer). She quickly rose in ranks despite being the youngest member of the team. She apologizes in advance if you hear her snoring on Zoom calls, it's not that design is boring to her, she's probably just had a busy morning full of chewing bones and chasing laser pointers.

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